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DC carries only high quality industrial grade pneumatic “push-in” fittings that work perfectly with most pneumatic setups.  These are the exact same fittings we rely on for all of our animations.

In most haunt applications the largest diameter tubing should be run from your compressor to a junction and branched off to each prop.  The compressor and lines are generally run at 100-120PSI and some props do not require (nor should they run) such high pressure.   That noted, to correct and save as much air as possible can be resolved by using inline pressure regulators with gauges and adjustment screws.

These regulators are high quality professional rated and suit most haunters needs.

Regulator Features:

  • 1/4″ NPT threads
  • Flow rate of 16SCFM
  • Regulating Range (PSI): 7-125
  • Max. Pressure (PSI): 150
  • Mounting bracket
  • Pressure gauge.

Looking to also filter out water (yes, the heat produced by your compressor naturally generates condensation) which severely effects pneumatic valves and cylinders.  Properly filtering out water will help the life of all pneumatics.   Click here for our filter/regulators.

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