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Covid 19 Announcement

A message to our customers:
First and foremost, we hope you are staying safe and protecting
yourselves (and your family) during these troubling times!

We would like to express our deepest gratitude and appreciation to
all of you who have showed your continued support for
DC.   We greatly appreciate your orders and are working
on them as often as possible during this shelter in place.

Is DC open and accepting orders?
We continue to receive multiple requests for ETA’s and product
availability. Please know that DC is operating with a skeleton
crew at this time, but rest assured we are accepting & filling
orders as fast as possible.    Some orders may have
longer than anticipated time frames and may incur delays due to
material availability, but were working thru these issues and
overstocking as often as possible. DC is well positioned to make
it thru this pandemic, so unless we state otherwise, whatever you
order, you will receive.

DC has served the haunt community for over 21 years and we have no
doubt that we will make it thru this pandemic and continue to
serve you going forward!

Until then, stay safe, try to remain positive, and lets all wish
for a trouble-free 2020 Halloween/haunt season!
Brent Ross, Owner DC Design Studio, LLC

Since 1998 DC Design Studio, LLC (aka DC Props) has been delivering the highest quality Halloween Props & Haunted House Animatronics, Skeletal Animations, Realistic Static Props, Air Powered Startle Effects, as well a  huge assortment of DIY Pneumatic Mechanisms (lifters, extenders, scissor extenders, erectors, etc.) for a wide range of clients (home haunters thru theme parks).  Most importantly, all of our products are over-engineered and built to last!  

DC prides itself on being innovators;  we thrive on creating unique props that push the envelope and advance the realism and startle factor of Halloween “decor”.  

Our original designs and high-quality manufacturing are industry proven with customer service that goes above and beyond industry standards.  Check out our reviews across the web – you won’t be let down.

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