Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions, please contact us with as much information about your concerns as possible. DC understands that many people are unfamiliar with pneumatics, so we’re more than happy to answer any pneumatics questions you may have.

Q: Approximately how long does it take from when I place my order until it arrives?

A: There is a multitude of elements that may effect shipping time, but we will do our best to have your order shipped within a timely manner.  Rule of thumb is 5-7 business days on raw mechs and effects 4-6 weeks for full animations.

Q: What pneumatic products do you use in your animatronics?
A: We “generally” stick to SMC for our valves, flow controls, and fittings, and Bimba for cylinders, and mounting hardware. This does not guarantee those suppliers as specific props may require different parts.

Q: Can you integrate my cylinders, valves, and pneumatic parts into your mechanisms?
A: We generally allow for customer supplied materials, but in many cases it is cheaper and more reliable to use our new products. Modifications to designs, using customer supplied parts, requires time and may effect the build total.

Q: What PSI do you recommend for your mechanisms?
A: We design our mechanisms to operate between 30-120 PSI, but depending on the weight of your prop, you can adjust the PSI to fluctuate the speed.

Q: What is the max PSI of your pneumatics?
A: All of our products are rated up to 125 PSI. Larger cylinders and valves may be higher, but nothing we use is rated at less then 125 PSI.

Q: What size air compressor do I need to run your mechanisms?
A: For single props, we suggest a compressor that has a 3-5 gallon reservoir and ability to maintain a 80 PSI pressure. For multiple prop setups, 20-60 gallon compressors are suggested.

Q: How often will my compressor turn on (cycle) during normal operation?
A: The cycle frequency is hard to estimate since there are so many variables. Mainly the PSI pressure, number of cylinders, size of cylinders, frequency of triggering, and size of compressors storage capabilities will determine how often your compressor will turn on. It is safe to assume that if you are using multiple pneumatic mechanisms that are constantly running, your compressor will also be constantly on to supply the required pressure.

Q: How many props can I run off of a 5 gallon compressor?
A: The amount or frequency relies solely on the size of your cylinders. Each trigger dumps and fills the cylinder volume, so calculation of individual cylinders is needed to estimate volume displacement and frequency of refill.

Q: Can I run your mechanisms off of CO2?
A: Yes, but we do not recommend it due to potential hazards, and added expense. If you do choose to use compressed air, consult with a professional in acquiring regulators that do not allow for over 120 PSI output.

Q: Do your products have a warranty?
A: All of our products are built to last a lifetime and are guaranteed against all mechanical failure for 90 days. The pneumatics have a 30 day warranty. If a product does break (we’ve never had one returned to date) we will be more then happy to repair the part at no cost if deemed to be caused by manufacturing and not improper use (shipping charges will be the client resonsibility on all out of warranty items). Please email us prior to returning anything to DC.