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DC Design Studio, LLC

A Trusted Source Since 1998

DC Design Studio has been catering to the Halloween industry since 1998. We have created a wide range of ready-to-run props, animatronics, and easy to integrate mechanisms.

We are committed to providing high quality, durable props at reasonable prices.

The DC Design Studio staff is working day and night on our new line of ready-to-run skeletal animations, prop mechanisms, and unique startle effects to suit any haunted attraction, charity haunt, dark ride, home haunt or yard haunt.

All our props are designed and fabricated to look great, even in the light, and they will always adhere to our commitment to providing high quality, durable props at reasonable prices.

We don’t stop once the product is shipped. We stand behind our work and will walk you through every step of setup and troubleshooting until the client is happy with the result.

DC Design Studio, LLC (aka DC Props) specializes in the design and fabrication of high-end, professional-quality Halloween props and custom animatronic creatures, as well as standard through amusement-grade movement platforms. DC uses only the highest quality parts and materials in our designs and we work with our clients to best suit their needs and requirements.

Our primary focus is the Halloween/Haunted Attraction industry and our award-winning props are featured in haunts and attractions across the country. They have also been featured on multiple television programs, including The Today Show, FEARnet, and HGTV.

Catering to the Halloween Industry since 1998, DC has created a wide range of ready to run props, animatronics, and easy to integrate mechanisms that enables a heightened animated effect to once static elements. In essence, bringing your props to life.

DC is one of the only custom design companies that is willing to work closely with our clients to create never before seen animations that perfectly suit our clients needs and imagination.

Our “Stock Designs” focus primarily on the “non-professional” haunt realm. These items bridge the gap that many people are hesitant to enter, providing easy to use, safe and reliable products that animate static props, giving them a new life and higher element of the scare factor. Most of the “Stock Designs” can be modified in different ways and as a building block towards a more complex design.

Our “Custom Designs” are open to imagination. Clients generally contact us with an idea and our design team runs wild with possibilities. The result is a product that is a collaboration of the client and design team ideas that perfectly fits a specific application.

Whether it is a prop you purchased, made, or one on the drawing board, DC will design and fabricate a custom product achieving an effect you only dreamed possible.

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