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For the July 4th holiday and to make up for the websites shipping hassles, we are offering 10% off all DC manufactured items.  Simply enter "DCJULY4" at checkout. 

Have a happy and safe 4th of July!!

DC Logo

Established in 1998

DC Design Studio, LLC, is a trusted source for many of the largest venues across the globe. We take pride in providing unique and original designs, high quality products, and superior customer service for our clients throughout the world.

For over 23 years we have and continue to provide services to a wide range of clientele ranging from Professional Haunted Houses, Theme Parks, Escape Rooms, Pumpkin Patches, Hayrides, carnivals, and hundreds and hundreds of individual Home Haunters throughout the world.

DC Products and Services

At DC Design Studio we have been delivering world-class products for a wide range of clients ranging from home haunters through theme parks.

We specialize in the following:

  • DC Design Studio, LLC

    Halloween props

  • DC Design Studio, LLC

    Haunted house animatronics

  • DC Design Studio, LLC

    Hayride & Pumpkin Patch props

  • DC Design Studio, LLC

    Escape Room props & effects

  • DC Design Studio, LLC

    Skeletal animations

  • DC Design Studio, LLC

    Realistic static props

  • DC Design Studio, LLC

    Air-powered startle effects

We also provide a huge assortment of DIY pneumatic mechanisms like

  • DC Design Studio, LLC


  • DC Design Studio, LLC


  • DC Design Studio, LLC

    Scissor extenders

  • DC Design Studio, LLC



Original Designs & High-Quality Products

All of our products are over-engineered and built to last. We design and build animations using the highest quality components and never cut corners even in the toughest of deadlines

Our designs are original and we think of them more as individual pieces of art then off the shelf Halloween decorations. Each product is 100% made in-house and we proudly proclaim our products are Made in the USA!

Unique Props

DC Design Studio prides itself on being innovators. We thrive on creating unique props that push the envelope and advance the realism and startle factor of Halloween “décor.”

Our original designs and high-quality manufacturing are industry proven with customer service that goes above and beyond industry standards.