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DC Design Studio, LLC / DC Props has become a trusted source for many of the largest theme parks, professional & home haunted houses, and retail venues across the globe!

Update: (8/23/2017)
Due to overwhelming demand for our RTR animations, DC production ability for the 2017 Season has neared capacity. Orders received after August 23rd, 2017 for our “Ready to Run” Skeletal Animations will only be accepted on a conditional basis with a 4-6 week fabrication ETA.  Delivery before Halloween cannot be guaranteed. We recommend contacting us via email prior to placing any orders for our RTR Animations.

Please note – this limited availability is only on RTR animations – mechanisms and effects are will remain available with a current 2 week fabrication time frame.  At this time all mechanisms and effects are built once ordered subject to product availability. 

Since 1998 DC Design Studio, LLC (aka DC Props) has been delivering the highest quality Halloween Props & Haunted House Animatronics, Skeletal Animations, Special Effects, Air Powered Startle Effects, as well a  huge assortment of DIY Pneumatic Mechanisms (lifters, extenders, scissor extenders, erectors, etc.) for a wide range of clients (home haunters thru theme parks).

DC prides itself on being innovators;  we thrive on creating unique props that push the envelope and advance the realism and startle factor of Halloween “decor”.  

Our original designs and high-quality manufacturing are industry proven with customer service that goes above and beyond industry standards.

Most importantly, all of our products are over-engineered and built to last!

Check out our reviews across the web – you won’t be let down.

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