Used Halloween & Haunted House Props

DC Props currently has the following used items for sale.  Unless otherwise indicated, the following items are either slightly used prototypes, used props, floor show demo models, and/or surplus items that are available for immediate purchase at great discounts.  In general, only 1 of these are available (unless stated) and subject to availability.

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Please email us for specific details and click on the image for larger picture

Rack mount PC with 3 M-Audio cards, M-Audio MIDI keyboard, &
& Cubase MIDI Software
(total of 12 Stereo outputs or 24 Mono outputs) 

Price: $200.00

Used 1U 150W Rack Mount Amplifiers

Price: $20.00

Corpse Erector Animation – with talking skull.   Features DC Erector mechanism with body turn mechanism and head/jaw animation.

Price for Prop & Pneumatics only $500
Price for Prop, Pneumatics & BooBox controller w. PIR $780

Price: $500.00

(we will build a custom program to your specifications, including a stock audio track)