Metered Spitter Mechanism

Product Description

The DC Metered Spitter Mechanism is a unique device that enables just about any prop or scenic element to spray a quick spurt of water at viewers.  Since it does not include air pressure in the spurt like our other spitters, this spitter is very quiet and uses very minimal air.  It provides approximately a shot glass worth of water on each spurt and can be used as a single shot or in a rapid succession.This spitter is perfect for a quick dousing of water from an unsuspecting source like a portrait or similar scenic element.

Includes an 8’ spit tube and requires 110V power source and air compressor with 40-80 PSI supply.   To use simply run the spit tube thru your prop or scenic element, fill the 5 gallon reservoir with clean water, connect your air source, and plug in the power supply.  Each time you plug and unplug the power supply a quick squirt of water will be produced (initial priming is required on first use and occasionally after water refill if it fully drained).  The distance the water travels is adjustable by regulating the air pressure.

  • Recommended controller and infrared sensor is available for an additional charge.
  • Requires 110V power and 40-80 psi air.

Price: $265.00