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Lunging Peeper
Love the idea and look of the Peeper, but want more?  The Lunging Peeper is identical to our static peeper, but with the addition of forward sliding “lunge” mechanism that gives life and attitude to this already intimidating creature.  Animation includes our signature creepy skeletal character with a ultra-realistic head turn movement that is positioned in a “push-up” type stance resting on his palms and pelvis turning his head left and right as to be saying “no” while he watches your patrons.  As they draw near  the skeletons head turns become erratic and he begins moaning and groaning.   Want more, add our spitter mechanism and the peeper will accompany the movements above while also shooting a mist of water in an arching pattern – a very creepy addition.Custom paint, blood coating, and audio and or lighting options available upon request.Size: 24″ x 18″ x 26″Optional finishes available upon request
Requires 110V power and 60-80 psi air.

Price: $1,250.00
Product Description:

The DC Props Standard Spitter mechanism is the original Prop Spitter – Water Mister! This spitter effect sprays a fine mist of air/water at your viewers and gives the impression that they have been spit on.

Designed, tested, and perfected by DC Design Studio in the late 90’s, this air driven water mister provides an extremely effective startle effect/element to just about any prop or scenic element.  Don’t be fooled by cheap knock-offs that use crappy materials or do not provide the needed components to provide consistent powerful sprays.   All DC Spitters use only the highest quality components including: valves matched for proper air output, high quality tubing, industrial quality fittings, couplers, and all necessary hardware, and instructions.

To use simply run the tube set thru your prop and position the exit tube towards your viewers. Connect to your air source (air compressor) and when you want to spray your viewers, simply plug in the power supply. Water will mix with the air and create a fine mist that shoots up to 10′. To stop the spray, simply remove the power.

  • Optional controller w/audio player and PIR sensor available at an additional charge.
  • Optional hand-held trigger available at an additional charge.
  • Requires 110V power and 60-120 psi air.

Price: $100.00
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