DC Dual Door Opener Mechanism


These raw mechanisms were designed to animate most double doors to move from a closed to 90 degree opened position.  The door opener mechanisms are primarily meant for “inward” opening doors where the mechanism can be mounted inline with the hinge pin.  However this mechanism can be user modified to mount to outward opening doors or to larger doors.  Please note that the “basic” setup may not open both doors at the same time.  If you require both doors to open evenly please upgrade to the dual valve option; this option provides an additional valve, second set of flow controls, and 30′ of wire to electrically switch both valves at the same time.

Kit includes two door opener mechanisms with heavy duty cylinders, valve, fittings, additional airline and one power supply.   Controller not included.

  • Optional controller and PIR sensor available at an additional charge.
  • Optional controller with audio player and PIR sensor available at an additional charge.
  • Requires 110V power and 60-80 psi air.

Price: $499.00