Torso Erector

DC Torso Erector

The DC Torso Erector is a low profile professional strength pneumatic erector that provides approximately 90 degrees of movement to take a prop from lying on its back to a seated position. Perfect for use in coffins, on vertical walls, or mounted to the ceiling to provide an unexpected overhead startle.

All DC raw mechanisms include a professional welded steel framed armature, bronze bushings,
high quality USA made Bimba air cylinder, 12V 4 way 2 position valve with power supply, flow controls on both
exhausts so you can control the lift and decent speeds, and all fittings and tubing to allow easy connection to your air compressor setup (you will need to supply a 1/4″ female threaded quick disconnect male nipple fitting that matches your existing female quick disconnect coupler – not included).

To use, simply mount the mechanism, add air, and plug in the power supply. Adding power will raise the
lifter, and removing power will cause the lifter to retract to its starting position.

If you want to automate this lifter, we recommend visiting our controllers section and highly recommend the
PicoBoo 104 (this is a 2 output controller that includes and audio player).

Includes mounting holes in base for safe and easy mounting.  Size: 24″ x 10″ x 6″

Price: $375.00