Half-Torso Erratic Kicker

DC Half-Torso Erratic Kicker

The DC Half-Torso Erratic Kicker is a professionally built steel-framed armature for use in an upside down hanging body/torso animation. The legs include separate cylinders allowing this body frame to produce individual leg movements that are extremely life like and extremely erratic like no other kicker on the market.

Includes 2 cylinders, 1 valve, all necessary fittings. Requires an air compressor with a steady 60-120PSI rating. Also includes a heavy duty chain with removable linkage, and ceiling mounting plate. A realtime recording controller such as the Animation maestro 1 will allow you to get extremely life/deathlike movement as well as be triggered via a infrared sensor. Check out our Controllers section for more information.

Mechanism can also be used laying on a table, for a twitching body effect.

This armature also includes an ankle bar, that allows for the same movement as our standard kicker.

Size: 42″ x 12″ x 6″

  • Optional controller w/audio player and PIR sensor at an additional charge.
  • Requires 110V power and 60-120 psi air.

Price: $425.00