DC Drop Panel Animation

Product Description:

The DC Drop Panel Animation is an extremely effective startle effect/animation that allows for a prop or actor to appear and come out from a wall or column that appeared static.  When activated the panel drops 24″ with a audible bang and release of air; when power is reomved the panel slowely/safely retracts and remains in its upright position until your next victim approaches. The raw drop panel is activated by simply applying power (plugging in the power supply) which results in the panel retracting.

The DC Drop Panel was designed for very repetitive use and has all the necessary mounts to allow for easy mounting into an existing column or haunt wall’s framework.  Animation provide 24″ of “panel drop” but can be customized with larger or smaller drops or larger or smaller panel for an additional charge. The drop panel includes fully welded steel frame with heavy duty mounting tabs, support braces, removable/replaceable 3/4″ wood panel, 24″ cylinder, dump valve, and all pneumatic components.

If you want to automate this prop – we recommend the PicoBoo One or PicoBoo 104 which can be purchased here

Outer wooden frame shown in picture are for display purposes only and is not included.

Standard size: approx 61″ x 22″ x 6″

  • Optional controller w/audio player and PIR sensor at an additional charge.  Controller available here.
  • Requires 110V power
  • Air Compressor with 80-120 psi air.

Price: $495.00