Raw Mechanisms

DC has been designing and building raw mechanisms & pneumatic lifters/movers for the Halloween and Amusement Park industry since the late 1990’s and have created some of the most unique and versatile props on the market.   DC strives to offer the highest quality and longest lasting mechanisms and in order to do so EVERY mechanism is built using only the highest quality materials, craftsmanship, and are over engineered to provide years of maintenance free use.  Our mechanisms are built using brand new steel, laser cut brackets and mounts, and include a high quality made in the USA Bimba or American Air cylinder(s), 12V valves, exhaust muffler flow controls (for adjusting the lift and decent speeds), and all required fittings and airlines for connection to your compressor line. Welded mounting brackets are included for easy and safe anchoring.

All mechanisms require standard 110V power for the 12V transformer (our standard valves are 12V DC) & 60-120 PSI air pressure (compressor not included).

All mechanisms ship “Ready to Run” which means, securely mount the mechanism, add air, and when you plug in the power supply, the mechanism will move (lift, extend, erect, etc).  Remove the power and it will retract to resting position.

Animation controllers are not included, but are available as add-on’s or for purchase in our controller section.

DC Light Lifter

DC Medium Lifter

Head Turn & Head Left Mechanism

DC Torso Erector

DC Torso Erector w/ Arms

DC Barrel Lifter
DC Trash Can Lifter
DC Vertical Lifter
DC Horizontal Mover
DC Horizontal Extender
DC Hangman Kicker

Erratic Hangman Kicker
Half-Torso Kicker
Erratic Kicker

Electric Chair Mech.

Automated Drop Panel 

Haunted Drum /Barrel Hopper Mech
Creature Crate Mech
DOPEN13_thumbDoor Opener DOPENPAIR13_thumb
Door Opener (Pair)
Lid lifter

Rocking Chair Mechanism

Liquid Pour Mechanism

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