Popular Halloween & Haunted House Animatronics & Props

Since 1998 DC Design Studio, LLC (aka DC Props) has been delivering many Popular Halloween & Haunted House Animatronics, Props, Skeletal Animations, Startle Effects, as well a huge assortment of DIY Pneumatic Mechanisms for a wide range of clients.

The following are some of our favorites and best sellers:

Can'd Coon Animation
Can’d Coon
Wall Mount Raccoon
Corpse Leaper Anim
Corpse Leaper
Mantle Piece Skeletal Animation
Mantle Piece
Corpse Crawler Animation
Corpse Crawler
Haunted Table
Skele Crate Animation

corpse erector side
Corpse Erector

Mini Popper
Attack Coon
Attack Coon
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