Motor Driven Animated Halloween Props

Motor Driven Animated Halloween props are the perfect solution for adding simple yet extremely reliable animations to your Haunted House, Graveyard, or Cemetery scenes.  Great for areas where air is impractical or unavailable!  DC offers a wide range of motor driven animation from complex animated skeletal greeters all the way down to motorized rocking chair mechanisms.  Simple motorized mechanical animations add great “eye candy” or ghostly effects to your display and are extremely simple to use.  All DC Props Motor Driven Animation are built to the same rigorous standards using high quality 110V gear motors and welded steel frames/mounts.   In most cases all motors and mechanics are hidden and 100% plug and play. All props require standard 110V household power (and most likely an extension cord).

TIPSY14_THUMBTipsy Skeleton Tipsy_Liquid_thumbTipsy Extreme
Skeletal Greeter The Greeter Rocking Chair Mechanism
Rocking Shovel w/o Rock

Rocking Tombstone Mech


DC Props is happy to customize any of our props to suit your theme (at additional cost).  DC has build a wide variety of animated props including: Drunken Pirate Skeletons, Pirate Captains, Animated Pirate Steering Wheels, Haunted Rocking Chairs, Haunted Baby Strollers, Haunted Cribs, Rocking Pitchforks, and well as numerous motor driven Christmas characters.
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