PicoBoo “One” Controller

PicoBoo ONE Controller (no audio player)

Looking for a simple single output controller for a startle scare or simple animation – Look no further than the DC Props PicoBoo One !! 


Real-Time Programming

The PicoBoo ONE’s output is programmed in real-time. Simply tap record, then animate the output by pressing the 1 button. Create any output pattern you want, leave it on, flash it, pulse it. When you’re done, press record again to save. A little over one minute of animation at 15 frames per second can be recorded.


Trigger Input

The PicoBoo ONE can be connected to any of our triggers. It’s smart enough to know when a PIR motion sensor is connected, automatically waiting for it to warm up to prevent triggering at startup. Connecting the trigger to ground will loop the scare indefinitely.


Solid-State Output

The PicoBoo ONE’s output can handle up to 2 amps. It’s solid-state, so it outputs either 12 or 24 volts depending on what power supply you use to power it. The output can be set to mimick a normally-closed contact, turning it off instead of on when activated – great for darkening a room when patrons enter.

This output cannot be used to control high-voltage AC devices unless a relay is used.



Just like its PicoBoo brothers, the PicoBoo ONE has a write protection mechanism that helps prevent accidental or unwanted program changes.

  • Trigger not included
Price: $55.00