BooBox Flex Controller – 4 Output Version

Product Description
  • 2 Trigger Inputs
  • 4 Solid State Outputs
  • MP3 Stereo Audio (non-amplified)
  • 4MB Internal Memory
  • Requires ScareMaster or Director to Program

Controller includes a integrated MP3 Player – this is a non-amplified audio player, so an amp or amplified speakers are required.  Connect via a 3.5mm audio cable.  Audio is changed by inserting an SD card or using our ScareMaster.

Real-Time Programming
The Flex is easily programmed in real-time using our ScareMaster programmer. Once a prop is animated it can be saved so future builds can be cloned in a matter of seconds, no computer necessary.

The Flex has two inputs. These connectors also provide 12 volts to triggers, regardless if the supply voltage is 12 or 24 VDC. Pre and post-delays are also available for each trigger, as well as a timer mode to set the prop off on a recurring schedule.

Solid-State Outputs
This version includes 4 solid-state outputs that output 12 or 24VDC (depending on which power supply voltage you use), perfect match for most industry standard relays and solenoids (12V is industry standard – 24V if you are running your wire over long distances).

Power Requirements
The BooBox Flex can be powered by 12 or 24VDC via a standard 2.1mm power supply. Please choose between 12 or 24V during check out..

  • The ScareMaster or Director is required to program the BooBox Flex
  • Director software can only run on a PC (mac not supported)

Price: $195.00