Boo Box Flex Max Controller – 4 Output Version

Product Description
  • 4 Solid State Outputs
  • MP3 Stereo Audio Quality
  • 50 Watt Stereo Amplifier (built in with speaker terminals)
  • 2x Servo Outputs
  • 8x Trigger Inputs
  • DMX Lighting Output
  • Scare Master or Director Required to Program

Amplifier & Mixer Input
The FlexMax harnesses the power of a 50 watt Class D stereo amplifier for maximum sound quality. If that doesn’t do it for you, the line-out can be used to connect to even larger amplifiers. The mixer input allows you to take advantage of the internal amplifier for other line-level audio you may need amplified as well.

DMX Lighting
Take your high-end props and scenes to the next level by adding the ability to control popular stage lighting, strobes, and foggers. The FlexMax makes it easy to control all of them together while keeping them in sync with your prop’s animation.

The FlexMax has a built in MP3 player that can play hours of CD quality sound. Play ambient music while the BooBox is idle, then when it’s time to scare, use the adjustable delays to play the scare sound at just the right time.

Trigger Inputs
The FlexMax has 8 optically-isolated inputs for scene flexibility. Inputs can be used to trigger scenes, different length shows for busy nights, or even as emergency stops. Adjustable pre and post-delays can be set for each input. Triggers can also be set to stop a scene, loop on a schedule, or increment through different scenes.

Servo Outputs
Two servo outputs are available to drive standard RC servos. Great for accurately controlling the eyes or mouth of an elaborate prop. Standard and wide-range servos are both supported.

Real-Time Programming
The ScareMaster allows you to program even the most complicated scenes with ease. Program any number of outputs at a time, including DMX lighting, with the same ease of use we pioneered with the original BooBox. All of the BooBox’s many configuration options can also be easily changed using the ScareMaster’s LCD interface. The ScareMaster is required to program the FlexMax.

Ambient and Scare Modes
Keep your prop or scene alive by adding some ambient animation and sound. Multiple ambient scenes can be programmed and the FlexMax will automatically cycle through them after each scare.

Firmware Upgrades
The SD Flash Card not only makes transferring sounds and programs simple, it also makes it possible to implement firmware upgrades. Firmware upgrades are program changes made to improve the BooBox. Added features are now only a free download away, no matter when you buy your FlexMax you will always have all the latest features.

  • Amplifier: 50 watt Class D
  • Audio Storage: SD Card
  • Audio Quality: MP3
  • DMX Compatible: Yes
  • Outputs – 4 (available in 4, 8, or 16)
  • Output Capacity: 500mA Each, 2A Total
  • Output Type: Solid-State
  • Trigger Inputs: 8
  • Supply Current: 50mA – 5A
  • Supply Voltage: 9-24 VDC
  • The ScareMaster or Director is required to program the BooBox Flex.
  • Power supply is not included and required

Price: $285.00