Halloween & Haunted House Animatronic Prop Controllers

DC carries a full line of industry leading Halloween & Haunted House Animatronic Prop Controllers, Controller Triggers, and Controller Accessories for automation of just about any simple thru complex prop or animatronic animation.  Our controllers will also enable you to easily and efficiently automate our pneumatic lifters,  escape room props, and/or simple startle effects as well as simple lighting, audio, or video effects.

Pico OnePicoBoo ONE:
1 Output Controller

PicoBoo 103:
2 Output Controller 

PicoBoo 104s:
2 Output Controller
with Audio Player

PicoBoo 105:
2 Output Controller
with Audio Player

PicoBoo Plus:
4 Output Controller
with Audio Player
PicoBoo “MAX”:
4 Output Controller
with MP3 Audio Player

Boo Box Flex 
4 or 8 Output Controller
with audio.

BooBox Flex Max
8, or 16 Output controller
with audio.

Scare Master
BooBox Flex & Flex Max
Stand Alone Programmer
BooBox Flex & Flex Max
Software Based Programmer
12V Relay

Wireless Controller – Economy

DC Hand-Held Trigger

Beam Break Sensor

Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR)
12V controllers only (BooBox & PicoBoo Controllers) 

Step Mat Trigger
(aka Pressure Pad)

Basic Strobe Light & 110v Wiring




Basic Strobe Light & 110v Wiring

Add-On Outdoor Speaker
 Amplified Indoor Speaker

Buyers Please Note – Due to an OEM restriction, DC can only sell the PicoBoo, BooBox, or Flex controllers with or for use with a DC manufactured item. If you are not ordering, plan on ordering, or currently own a DC prop, Animatronic, Mechanism, Startle Effect, or valve setup; we unfortunately cannot sell you one of these controllers. Sorry for any inconvenience, if you have any questions or concerns; please send us an email at sales@dcprops.com. 

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