Tipsy Skeleton

TIPSY14 Our Tipsy animation is a highly detailed skeletal animation that sits atop your choice of an antiqued obelisk, crate, or hay bale (also available “raw” without a stand for easy integration into your scenes) guzzling a bottle of wine.   In a drunken stupor, this drunken skeleton sways randomly forward, back and to each side in a very organic intoxicated motion.

This simple motor driven animation is 100% plug and play and includes skeleton, motor platform, antiqued obelisk, wine bottle and power cord.

Available with other custom finishes, custom bases (crate, toy box, etc.), animated illuminated liquid pour mechanism, and lighting effects for an additional charge.  Contact us for more information on these options.

Approx. Size 24” x 30” x 80”

  • Requires 110V power

Price: $1,520.00

Video of Standard “Tipsy” on antique Obelisk: