The Nanny



Product Description

We’re a Halloween family over here at DC, so when your 7 year old daughter asks to design her own prop – you have to let her run wild;  and wild she did.

The Nanny appears simple and innocent, but upon closer look this is one nasty little bugger.  The skeletal upper body sits contorted with a twisted spine and upper body which rests on her right forearm while looking downwards innocently coddling her dolly.     When activated her true colors come out as she lunges forward with synced head lift exposing her gnarly grin accompanied with a devilish scream before retracting to resting position.   Want more?  Add the spitter option and she will attack a second time, this time spraying a ectoplasmic goo (water) all over her victims.

This animation ships “ready to run” and includes the following:
Highly detailed Skeletal prop with antiqued haunted doll, steel framework with integrated tilt mechanism and head lift animations, pre-programmed controller, Infrared Sensor (PIR),  and power supply.

This prop is also available as a static prop in either the resting or activated pose.  Static props available here.

Size: 24 x 28 x 36

  • Spitter or Sprayer
  • Speaker Option (outdoor or amplified)
  • Custom Finishes (grunge shown here)
  • LED Eyes
  • Hair
  • Switched 110V / Strobe Lights
  • LED spotlights or ambient lighting

Not included, but required:

  • Requires 110V power
  • Air compressor with 90-120PSI.

Price: $1,280.00