Stump Jumper

SJUMP13 SJUMP13_ANIMATION_VERT One of the earliest DC designs has been brought back to life!The Stump Jumper is a simple animation that is hidden within a faux tree stump.  When activated the lift rises to expose a skeletal figure and viewers are blasted with a fine mist of air and water.

Great for a swamp scene or any close proximity startle. Add a candy bowl to the top of the lid for a great trick or treat scare.

Animation includes tree stump, skeletal character, all pneumatics and standard spitter mech.

Available in blood or slime finish for an additional fee.

Approx. Size 16″ x 18″ x 18″

Ships via UPS.

Note: These items take 3-4 weeks to manufacture.

  • Optional Strobe Light & wiring available for an additional fee
  • Optional Audio Player & Speaker available for an additional fee
  • Optional blood or slime finish available for an additional fee
  • Requires 110V power and 80-120 psi air.

Price: $1,590.00