Prized Kill – Wall Mount Animatronic Prop

Prized Kill

The Prized Kill is a wall mount animation that integrates perfectly into any trophy room, head hunter lair, or even a butcher shop where an unsuspecting wall mounted startle prop can attack your viewers from an unsuspecting place. Appearing as a static trio of wall mounted deer skulls, this prop sits motionless until activated when the skulls slide down and outwards almost 90 degrees to point the nose mounted spitter directly at your viewers head level. Prop moves in a unique way to disguise the movement mechanism in both retraced and activated positions. Comes standard in a bone finish, but available with blood or mossy finish upon request.

  • Optional audio or amplified audio/speaker available at an additional charge.
  • Requires 110V power and 60-80 psi air.

Price: $1,175.00