Jaw Drop Lunger with Animated Arms




Product Description

Love the idea and look of the Jaw Drop Lunger, but want more?  The Jaw Drop Lunger with Arms is identical to our Jaw Drop Lunger, but adds a spooky unsuspecting arm movement that gives additional life and attitude to this already intimidating creature.

Animation includes our signature creepy skeletal character with a ultra-realistic jaw movement that in resting position is positioned in a “push-up” type stance resting on his palms and pelvis peering at your patrons.  Perfect easy to conceal prop for in a sewer pipe, overhead cave scene, above a door, or inside a low hole in your haunt facade.

Can be setup with a ambient animation or simple triggered animation for when your patrons draw near  the skeletons jaw opens and closes as he begins lunging forward while reaching out towards your patrons.

Can be upgraded with a voice track with synced mouth to word animation if you are looking for an interactive character or evil host to keep your queue lines moving.

Size: 24 x 28 x 36

  • Spitter or Sprayer
  • Speaker Option (outdoor or amplified)
  • Custom Finishes (grunge shown here)
  • LED Eyes
  • Hair
  • Switched 110V / Strobe Lights
  • LED spotlights or ambient lighting

Not included, but required:

  • Requires 110V power
  • Air compressor with 90-120PSI.

Price: $1,875.00