Jaw Drop Peeper



Product Description

DC’s Jaw Drop Peeper  is very similar to our standard Peeper, but we’ve swapped out the turning head with our DC Animated Skull.  This skeletal animation features our signature creepy skeletal character with a pneumatic powered jaw to provide a realistic jaw movements to suit a wide range of applications (simple screams, quick comments, all the way up to full speeches).

Our “stock” animation program features a simple random bite movement before a loud evil scream synced to the jaw movement. Although simple, this prop has endless capabilities and be easily re-programmed with your own custom audio track year after year.

The skeleton is positioned in a “push-up” type stance resting on his palms while watching your patrons.   Painted in our standard “antique” finish, but can be customized and costumed to fit any theme.

Also available with a additional lunging motion as our “Jaw Drop Lunger” or the even more complex animation with outreaching arms , the ” Jaw Drop Lunger with Animated Arms” .

Size: 24″ x 18″ x 26″

  • Optional finishes available upon request
  • Requires 110V power and 60-80 psi air.

Price: $1,420.00

Please Note: Video below is the jaw drop lunger, the product on this page does not slide forward, just an animated jaw.