Left for Dead – Gunshot Victim Animatronic

LFD13 Looking for a brutal gunshot animation?  Our Left for Dead Gunshot Victim animatronic prop is just that! A very graphic and brutal prop that features a bound victim gag’d by a double barrel shotgun in his mouth.When activated the victim trashes his upper torso and legs violently in attempt to free himself before both barrels go off creating a loud bang and expelling brain matter (water) out of the back of his head.  Animation features a unique mechanism and mounting platform that allows the animation to move in multiple organic ways to simulate a realistic struggle.Prop includes life size victim, replica shotgun, blaster setup, burlap hood, all pneumatics and controller with audio player and infrared sensor.Approx. size 42″ x 20″ x 34″

  • Optional high volume cannon available.
  • Requires 110V power and 80-120 psi air.
Price: $2,590.00


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