Chatter Box

Product Description

This is the grumpy old man that never took the que to pass onto the afterlife.  The DC Chatter Box is a multi-movement audio animatronic skeletal prop that lays perched behind a tombstone awaiting his next victim. When activated, a trapdoor mechanism pushes forward and the skeletal character lunges nearly 6 feet out towards your visitors with either a blood curdling scream or the “fully loaded” version (shown here and in video) includes our talking skull with audio synced jaw movement along with custom audio track by Mike Fox – Custom tracks for this or any prop or project available at

This animation ships “ready to run” and “fully loaded” version includes the following: Highly detailed Skeletal prop with pneumatic talking skull, steel framework with integrated welded trap door and scissor extender animations, pre-programmed controller, Infrared Sensor (PIR),  and power supply. Please note, ExMortis tombstone shown here is not included, but available for an additional charge. Size: 56 x 28 x 36 Options:

  • Spitter or Sprayer
  • Talking Skull
  • Speaker Option (outdoor or amplified)
  • Custom Finishes
  • LED Eyes
  • Switched 110V / Strobe Lights
  • LED spotlights or ambient lighting

Not included, but required:

  • Requires 110V power
  • Air compressor with 90-120PSI.
  • Tombstone, wall panel, or other façade option.

Price: $2,699.00