Bad Seed



Product Description

Ever wonder what happens when you plant pumpkins over an ancient burial ground?    Bad Seed is a possessed mixture of skeletal and gourd remains with twisted extremities and a bad attitude.   At rest, this bad boy sits quietly among the patch, but when activated quickly jumps up and slightly forward to grab his next victim.

This animation includes a life sized skeletal torso and arms with an oversized evil pumpkin head, finished in earthly tones and oozing with grime.    Prop is mounted to a modified medium lifter which provides 20″ of vertical movement to go from a 46″ top resting height to a total height of 66″.

This animation ships “ready to run” and includes the following:
Skeletal prop, pneumatic lifter, pre-programmed controller, Infrared Sensor (PIR),  and power supply.

Size: 23 x 24 x 46 / 66 (activated)


Not included, but required:

  • Requires 110V power
  • Air compressor with 90-120PSI.

Price: $1,695.00


Recommended Add-On’s / Upgrades

Outdoor Speaker

Spitter Mechanism

Strobe Light

LED Spot Light