Animatronic Halloween & Haunted House Props

DC’s Animatronic Props are some of the highest quality professional grade animations on the market today!

These “ready-to-run” Animatronic Props include the main character/prop, welded steel sub “armature”, all professional grade pneumatic components, and pre-programmed controllers.  All of our animations currently include a Prop controller (unless otherwise specified) and a Passive Infrared Sensor with all wiring completed & tested prior to shipping.

Unless specifically stated DC generally does not include audio as a standard.  However if audio is an option, it will be included, and if you have a different audio track in mind or have a track you’d like to use we will be happy to load client-supplied audio prior to programming (depending on length and programming time – there may require an additional charge).

Please note: All props require 110V power & 100-120 PSI air (air compressor not included) unless otherwise specified. Props are hand painted and individually finished.  Due to material and technique changes – Color variations and sometimes head variations will occur.

Bad Seed

Skele-ttack Panel

The Candy Man 

Chatter Box



Dead Rising


Lunging Peeper

Jaw Drop Peeper

Jaw Drop Lunger

Jaw Drop Lunger w. arm animation

Crypt Dweller

Mourner Statue
(coming soon)
Zombie Offering Zombie Offering Attack Coon Attack Coon Can'd Coon Animation Can’d Coon
Animated RaccoonAnimated Raccoon WMC_ThumbWall Mount Raccoon Corpse Leaper AnimCorpse Leaper
Mantle Piece Skeletal Animation

Mantle Piece

Mantle Piece Skeletal Animation

Mantle Piece Extreme

Pneumatic Animated Skull

Chomper Animated Biting SkeletonChomper
Corpse Crawler AnimationCorpse Crawler
Corpse Leaper AnimCorpse Leaper

Mini Popper

Mini Leaper

Corpse Extender
corpse erector side
Corpse Erector
Corpse Erector w/ Reaching Arms
Stump Jumper
Stump Jumper


Bushwacker Economy




Bushwacker Extreme

Skeletal Greeter

The Greeter

Drunken Skeleton

Tipsy Skeleton

Tipsy SkeletonTipsy Extreme
Skele Crate AnimationSkele-Crate
HTABLE13_THUMBHaunted Table

Table Popper

Table Popper – Zombie

Hay Bale Skeleton Prop

Hay Bale Popper

Trap Door Popper


Barrel Crawler 

Embalming Spitter 


Barrel Zombie 


Spitting Ground Breaker

Corpse Riser

Prized Kill Deer Head Animation

Prized Kill

STUMPY13_THUMBStumpy Jack Squat Scarecrow AnimationJack Squat

Corpse Reacher


Attack Corpse

DC Props – Animatronics | Motorized Props

Don’t want to deal with air powered animations?  DC’s Simple motorized mechanical animations allow for a creepy addition to your display with simple plug and play setup. The following props are motor driven with all mechanics hidden and are . plug and play; requires 110V power.

Skeletal Greeter

The Greeter

Tipsy Skeleton

Tipsy Extreme
RSHOVWR08_THUMBRocking Shovel RSHOV08_THUMBRocking Shovel w/o Rock  Rocking Chair Mechanism

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