Puttz Corpse – Animated Skeletal Golfer

The Puttz animation was designed to mimic a golfer that was hit in the eye, fell into water hazard, and was left to rot.    This full size motor driven “Plug and Play” skeletal animation that has a nearly 5.5’ tall head height with a slightly arched back, thumbs up finger pose on his left arm, and grasps his trusty iron with his right.

Animation includes a nodding “yes” head movement (can be changed to a “no” type head movement at no additional charge).  Also includes golf outfit which includes shirt, sweater, pants and socks as standard.  Hair, Shoes, and golf hat (shown here) is available as an add-on.

Skeleton is mounted on a thick steel base with welded golf club and is detachable to the waist for easy shipping.   Skeleton is finished with our standard bone finish and clothing finished with a swampy grunge coating.  Animation can be painted with other colors upon request (at an additional charge).

We also can add a simple arm lift motion (additional charge), and/or replace the “thumbs up” hand gesture to accommodate a  beer can or hold a golf ball as if he found his lost putt

Very simple 2 bolt assembly is required.

Please note – Costuming, club & ball type, as well as finish will vary depending on availability.

Custom finishes, specified clothing, and club/golf ball types available upon request for an additional fee.

  • Optional Low Voltage (12v DC) LED spotlights wired into main motor power supply available as an add on.
  • Requires 110V power and minor assembly

Price: $1,480.00