Testimonials about DC Design Studio

“To all my fellow haunters,

I have been building Haunted Houses for many years and wanted to share my experience with DC Design Studio, LLC (AKA DC Props).

I have been working with Brent Ross from DC Props for about 10 years now.  He has been a big help in taking my productions to the next level and hands down, they have the best built pneumatic animations out there.

In the past, I have been scammed out of several Thousand dollars from other companies and am always leery of the companies I do business with.  I have lost track of how many products I have purchased from DC over the years, but know I have never had a problem with quality, timely delivery, or communication on any of my orders.  There have even been last minute decisions/changes and tight turn around constraints, but as always, DC continues to step up and gets my orders done perfectly without any hassles or issues.

As a Haunter, I have no hesitation in recommending DC props for any of your animation needs!”

– Rick Agan

“I did not have to think very hard about giving praise to Brent Ross and DC Design Studio.  The customer service I receive year after year is beyond superb.  Whether I have pre-sales questions or need after sales support, Brent has always taken the time to give me detailed answers without making me wait.  Aside from an incredible line of stock props, he has also put together some remarkable custom props for me with nothing more than a note saying “I need a prop that can do <blank>”.  He has a fantastic imagination and along with some amazing engineering skills, he somehow always makes my  custom props happen.  To top it all off, he keeps me in the loop as work on the prop progresses; his communication skills are the best I have seen in the haunt industry and I deal with many vendors.

Every item I have purchased has been rock solid, the construction and attention to detail surpass every expectation.  Props I purchased six years ago still work to this day!   As I am stationed overseas, Brent takes into account my unique shipping limitations and gets my props to me quickly with quality packaging that ensures my props arrive looking exactly as they left the factory.  I have been a satisfied customer since 2009 and I will continue to be a loyal customer well into the future.”

– P.E

“As a home haunter for the past 7 years, my haunt has grown yearly in size, and scope. In 2012, I decided to travel down the inevitable road for a haunter – pneumatics. I attended my first Transworld show to research this new territory, and that is where I met Brent Ross from DC Props. Every question / concern was answered with the utmost professionalism, sincerity, and genuine concern for superior customer service. Brent made me feel comfortable , and confident to venture into pneumatics. The DC Props Mini Leaper became my first pneumatic prop !!

DC’s superior level of customer interaction continued post-sale, something rare & refreshing in today’s business world.  The attention to detail &  obvious durability of the DC Design Studios product line makes them easy to recommend to any home or  professional haunter.

One of many loyal, and satisfied customers.” 

– Chris Arnott, Dunnett’s Dark Lair

“If you want quality, integrity and affordability, look no further than Brent Ross. Brent delivers high quality, custom props AND a level of responsiveness rarely seen in today’s business world. The man spent weeks after the delivery to make sure certain props were working properly-or that I was understanding the directions given. Having been scammed in the past by some haunt suppliers, I am very selective in who I deal with now. Brent is definitely on my “A” list. He gives 110% to everything he does!”

– Kathryn DeSautell (aka Mistress DeSade)

“My Skeleton Erector from DC was the hit of my haunt in 2004, the grand finale. DC takes no shortcuts in it’s engineering and construction, leaving me with nothing but confidence in it’s ability to perform time and time again, safely and surely. Best of all, their customer support is second to none. No haunt should be without a pneumatic scare from DC.”

– Mike Fox, Fox Productions

“I found DC Prop Designs through the Howl2000 list of home and pro haunters. I purchased the torso erector around august of 2004, and it works great, the kids in the neighborhood loved it. I am just a simple home haunter and I look forward to some new products in the future. DC Prop Design is great for all HOME and PRO haunters.”

– Brandon Tucker

“After seeing the quality and reliability of product DC produces, and taking into consideration the wear and tear a professional haunt expels onto its props, we instantly knew they were the company to tackle our “Animated Pirate” project. After discussing (briefly) what we were looking for, Brent took our ideas, blended them with a couple he had in mind, and the end result was a massive feat of mechanical genius. Our animated pirate stays concealed behind a 4′ wall, then lifts to an astonishing 12′ with fully articulated arms, shoulders, head, mouth and body tilt. It’s awesome!!!! We highly recommend DC to any size haunt, wither a small yard haunt, or a huge professional haunt, DC can design and fabricate anything you can imagine.”

– Karl Fields, Pirates of Emerson

“I just arrived home to find the items I ordered waiting for me on my steps. I couldn’t be happier with the items or your service. I just want to thank you for the excellent service you provided me. It’s refreshing to know that you are committed to your customers. I’ll be sure to be back. Happy Haunting, and Thanks again.”

– Bob H.

“This is a little story about how DC Props came to our rescue. I am a small-scale “haunter” and an adviser for our “Halloween Club”; a group of crafty and imaginative students who make up the “driving force” behind our annual, Halloween fundraiser. Now in it’s sixth year, our annual haunt was almost cancelled for 2005. Our “scares” were your typical jerry-rigged pneumatic props; using the classic, modified screen door closers, or tire pumps, and washing machine solenoids. Well, for ANYONE doing a haunt, safety is THE priority. And unfortunately for us, it was determined that our favorite “effects” weren’t as safe as they should be. We were disappointed, but couldn’t argue with the facts. The ungrounded electronics, the “flimsy” nature of the screen door “pistons”, and the likelihood of overloading a washing machine solenoid could have led to someone being injured. Sadly, by this time, Halloween was right around the corner, and we were faced with putting on a very dull, unexciting haunt. Or worse, not being able to have one at all.

This is when I turned to DC Props.

In desperation, I checked various Internet sites, looking for quality pneumatic mechanisms. DC Props immediately stood out. Their mechanisms were really slick! They would do everything we needed them to do, and they were surprisingly affordable! But, with Halloween so close, could they deliver in time? You bet! I discussed our needs with Brent at DC, and he worked out the PERFECT package for us. Best of all, he got everything to us with plenty of time to spare!

Now there’s hope, and we’re hoping for a happy ending. DC’s stuff is “top-of-the-line”. Materials and craftsmanship are first rate! The mechanisms are 100% reliable, smooth, consistent and SAFE! With DC’s quality materials and construction, there’s no danger of blowing up a cheap plastic solenoid, or overtaxing a screen door “piston”.

Okay- so thanks to DC, we have everything we need for a high-quality, exciting haunt, that didn’t cost us an arm and a leg. Whether we can pull off the haunt this year. Well, that’s up to the administrators and planners. But right now, we’ve got the satisfaction of having some really nice, professional quality stuff. And the things we got from DC will make our haunt, this year’s or next year’s, the BEST ever!

DC Props offers GREAT products, EXCELLENT service, and a willingness to work with their customers to give them exactly what they need. Hey- you could spend more money, but you can’t get a better deal!”

– Don S. (Teacher, Coach, Halloween FANATIC)