DC Submission Policy

Custom Designs, Ideas and Schematics:

DC Design Studio, LLC reserves the right to manufacture any item or client supplied custom design or idea without restriction.  However, if you feel your design is proprietary; please request an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) prior to submitting anything to DC.

DC Design Studio, LLC feels strongly that being providing an “Idea” of an item does not constitute individual ownership of that (or similar versions of that) “idea”.  Ideas provided to us may start a creative process in turn creating the same, or similar design that DC has 100% design ownership in unless otherwise previously stated and agreed upon (written agreement required). Please note; If we come up with a design or COMPLETELY re-design an existing design, we legally own it.

DC Design Studio, LLC believes strongly in the creation of unique designs and is not in the business of copying or re-manufacturing other company designs.  DC WILL NOT manufacture any blueprint or schematic that is believed or deemed to be another person(s) or companies design.  DC reserves the right to also forward the request of manufacture to the original owner for their legal perusal.

Designs created and/or modified by DC Design Studio, LLC are the sole property of DC Design Studio, LLC and unless purchased outright we reserve the right to manufacture, sell, reproduce, or re-sell these designs as we deem fit.