Startle Effects – Water Sprayers, Air Cannons, Ticklers

The DC line of startle effects are all pneumatic (air) powered props that were designed to provide safe yet effective startles. All mechanisms are built using only the highest quality materials, and include valves, fittings, and all required airlines for connection to your compressor line. Mounting brackets are included (when available) for easy and safe anchoring. Require 110V power & 100-120 PSI. Unless specified, Push Button controllers or Animation controllers are not included. They are available either as an add-on option or for separate purchase here.

Spitter Mechanism
Standard Spitter
High Volume Spitter
 bad Breath Spitter
Bad Breath Spitter
Metered Spitter
Metered Water Spitter 
DC Ankle Tickler
Ankle Tickler 
Mini Air Cannon
Large Air Cannon 
Under Water Cannon
UnderWater Air Cannon
DC Drop Panel w/24-inch drop
Drop Panel 
Skull Pike Spitter 

Skull Pike Cannon 
Skull Pike Whip Head 
DC Whip Head Torso
Whip Head Torso 
DC Whip Head Skeleton
Whip Head Skeleton 
Bouncing Drum
Bad Breath Mechanism