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DC Prop Builder’s Handbook, Volume 1

The DC Prop Builder’s Handbook is 135 pages of highly detailed prop building instructions, including tons of pictures and diagrams to aid you in the construction of 22 of our prop designs. The designs included in this book are: The Skeletal Organist, Pipe Organ, Stump Jumper, Rocking Chair, two Coffins, Ghost Heads, Pneumatic lifter, Pneumatic Extender, and many more. The book also has a section on basic pneumatics to guide you on your way to create your own (pneumatically driven) Devious Concoctions.

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DC Prop Builder’s Handbook, Volume 2

The Second DC Prop Builder’s Handbook features 137 pages of easy-to-follow instructions to create 10 of our more advanced designs. These designs include: the Heavy Duty Lifter, Pneumatic Extender (scissor lift/extender), Drop Panels, Un-Dead Coffin (and erector mechanism), Thrashing Corpse, Thrashing Doors, The Mourner, Lightning Window, Air Cannons, & Pneumatic Web Shooter. With diagrams for every drilling pattern and questionable construction step, this edition also features an in-depth introduction to computer control and pneumatics.

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DC Prop Builder’s Handbooks Combo

This combo includes both of the DC Prop Builders Handbooks (Volume 1 & 2).

Price: $65.00
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