Animation Controller & Audio Player

Product Description

Stereo Audio Playback, Show Control, Lighting Control and Amplifier System

The Sd-50/40 is a complete stand alone stereo audio playback system with 40 Show Control Outputs. The show control and DMX-512 outputs make it into a complete Audio and Show Control solution.

Features of the Sd-50/40 include:

Adds forty digital (on/off) Show Control outputs to the Sd-50. Eight of the outputs can be used for controlling eight model airplane-style ServoMotors.
Optional GPS clock (Sd-50/GPS40) for triggering using a 365 day schedule or by location. Locations where sounds and shows are played are set using Google Earth. The angle of view sets direction of trigger.
DMX-512 inputs for controlling Animation & Audio. DMX-512 outputs for up to 512 channels.
Automatic “program in place” download through your PC’s serial port or the MMC/Sd card. Draw the sequence you need on your computer using our easy-to-use PC•MACs software, or with “Hardwareless RealTime” mode, program using the PC’s mouse and keyboard. PC•MACs will remember exactly what you do and precisely when you did it. Once programed, the PC can then go away.
Four MBytes of nonvolatile Show Control memory. Using all forty Sd-50/40 Show Control outputs, this gives a show capacity of about eight hours at thirty updates per second! Once downloaded, show data is retained for approximately forty years, with or without power applied. Up to 255 individual shows can be loaded onto the Sd-50/40 at one time.
Networkable! Four optoisolated inputs can be used to start, stop, pause, continue, or access shows. They can also be controlled through the RS-232 or networked RS-422 serial ports, MIDI, or IR Triggers.
Show Control outputs are each rated for 150 ma. continuous, or 500 ma. peak. This can drive small solenoid valves, relays, LEDs, lights and other similar loads. Use solid state relays for larger loads or higher voltages (DRV-03, SSR-FS, LC-8SP). Digital to Analog converters (DAC-08 or DAC-Quad) can be used if you need analog control signals.

Price: $1,125.00