SD25 Audio Player

Product Description

The Sd-25 is a complete stereo audio playback system. It can be used in Store-Casting, Music-On-Hold, Museum, Safety, Haunt, Industrial or Entertainment applications. Anywhere you need a solid state, high quality audio system that will play for years.

Features of the Sd-25 include:

    • Stand alone stereo playback of standard Mp3 (all data rates) or .WAV audio files (up to 48 K/16 bit). Up to 255 different AudioFiles can be stored. Capacity is limited only by the size of your flash card.
    • An amazing fifty Watt Class-D stereo amplifier packs the power of most 200 Watt amps! Works with most four to eight ohm speakers. The amplifier can be bridged for 50 watt mono output into a four ohm load.
    • Two RCA line level inputs for mixing in external line level audio signals like microphones, Sd-10s, etc..
    • Audio is stored on standard MultiMedia (MMC) or Secure Digital (Sd) flash cards.
    • All configuration is done using a ten position dipswitch. No software or drivers are ever needed.
    • LEDs show unit is alive and accessing the flash card. The modulation LEDs show audio being played.
    • Two nonpolarized optically isolated trigger inputs with LED indicators. Easily attached to PLCs, pushbuttons, motion detectors, foot pads, IR sensors, alarm systems and other controllers. These inputs can be configured to ramp audio to preset levels or to select and play specific sounds round-robin or randomly. StoreCasting and Music-On-Hold modes can play an announcement between each music track. Triggered SoundFiles can be set to accept or ignore additional requests once started.
    • A Sturdy aluminum enclosure. Mounts in 2-3/4″ Augat Snap Track, or just Velcro or screw it down.
    • One optically isolated ‘running&rsqup; status output. This output becomes active whenever the Sd-25 is playing a triggered SoundFile. It can be used to turn on lights, relays, audio ducking mixers, etc..
    • Optional RS-232 serial port allows accessing sounds and player status. RS-422 port available if needed.
    • Runs on any voltage from twelve to twenty-four vdc. Use 24 volts at 2.5 amps for maximum amp output.
    • Low current draw makes the Sd-25 ideal for batteries or solar cells use where line power is unavailable.


  • A ‘Starter Kit&rsqup; is available: Includes a USB flash card reader/writer, 24 vdc power supply, Sd card, etc..
  • The Sd-25 replaces our earlier Mp3-25. In most applications you will find it a drop-in replacement.

For a system that combines an Audio Player, Amplifier, Show and Lighting Control in a single package, please consider our Sd-50 line of repeaters. If you need to schedule when sounds and shows play, a Sd-50 with the “Atomic” or GPS clock options allows 365-day scheduling for fountains, clock towers, carillons, schools and churches. The Sd-10 is similar to the Sd-25, but without the onboard amplifier. The Amp-50 is just the Sd-25’s amp.

Price: $375.00