Passive Infrared Sensor – PIR Sensor

fi-600-w fi-600-b
PIR Sensor (White or Black)

The PIR Motion Sensor is our most cost effective and maintenance free sensor. There are no reflectors to line up, just point it towards the trigger area and you’re ready to go. It works by detecting the motion of body heat, making it immune to artificial fog that can sometimes confuse other types of sensors.  These sensors work with the majority of our controllers, and exclusively used in all of our animations.

Available in white or Black for an additional charge.

Wire Length: 15 feet
Contact Type: Normally-Open

Additional Information

Range = 25 Feet
Output Capacity = 50mA
Output Type = Solid-State
Supply Current = 15mA
Supply Voltage = 12-24VDC

Price: $35.00